One Year After Obama Announces Afghanistan Troop Withdrawal – Taliban Takes Control of 2 Districts

One year ago Barack Obama announced that he would withdrawal troops from Afghanistan.
America’s longest war was coming to an end.

Obama learned nothing from his catastrophic mistakes in Iraq.

The terrorists welcomed the news.
taliban 2


This week the Taliban took control of a second district in Helmand.
The BBC reported:

Taliban fighters have seized control of a strategically-important district headquarters in Afghanistan’s Helmand province despite American air strikes.

Musa Qala, once a key Nato position, is the second town in northern Helmand to fall to the Taliban in recent weeks.

The group also captured Nawzad after intensifying attacks in the region.

Musa Qala saw some of the fiercest clashes between Western forces and the Taliban following the American-led invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.

Three US air strikes on Saturday around Musa Qala reportedly killed up to 40 Taliban fighters but the militants regrouped to push Afghan ground forces back.

District governor Mohamad Sharif said he fled the district on Wednesday morning as the Taliban attacked.

“We left the district early in the morning because the Taliban were attacking from all sides,” he told Reuters.

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