On 60th Anniversary of Emmett Till’s Murder… Black Activists Call for Lynching – Hanging of White People

Sixty years ago today teenager Emmett Till was murdered in Mississippi.
emmett till
Till was beaten, shot in the head and thrown in a river for speaking to a white woman.

Sixty years later black activists are calling for the lynching and hanging of white people.
Breitbart.com reported:

Members of the #FYF911 or #FukYoFlag and #BlackLivesMatter movements called for the lynching and hanging of white people and cops. They encouraged others on a radio show Tuesday night to “turn the tide” and kill white people and cops to send a message about the killing of black people in America.

One of the F***YoFlag organizers is called “Sunshine.” She has a radio blog show called, “Sunshine’s F***ing Opinion Radio Show.”

A snapshot of her #FYF911 @LOLatWhiteFear Twitter page at 9:53 p.m. shows that she was urging supporters to “Call now!! #fyf911 tonight we continue to dismantle the illustion of white…”
death threats whitey

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