OF COURSE: Progressive Activists Beg Obama to End Religious Protections Enacted by Bush

Progressive hatred for freedom of speech and the right to bear arms is dwarfed by their contempt for religious liberty, especially when it comes to Christianity.

Now that the end of Obama’s horrible presidency is in sight, they’re scrambling to get everything they ever wanted and their latest focus is on religious protections enacted by President George W. Bush.

Chris Geidner of the left wing site Buzzfeed reported:

Progressive Groups Ask Obama To End Bush-Era Religious Protection

On Thursday morning, 130 civil rights and religious organizations, unions, and other progressive groups sent a letter to President Obama urging that he direct the Justice Department to reverse a Bush-era legal opinion about the scope of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.

The 2007 memo from the Office of Legal Counsel concluded that, under RFRA, religious organizations seeking federal grants could not be forced to adhere to religious nondiscrimination laws in hiring.

The 130 organizations — including the ACLU, Anti-Defamation League, Human Rights Campaign, NAACP, and Planned Parenthood — counter in their letter to Obama that the opinion “relies on flawed legal analysis” that RFRA “provides a blanket override of a statutory non-discrimination provision.”

As usual, for the left it’s all about money and control:

In a 2011 analysis from the Federalist Society defending to OLC Memo, however, Derek Gaubatz wrote, “The outcome of this debate [over whether to keep or reverse the OLC Memo] will affect the ability of faith-based providers who engage in religious hiring preferences to compete with secular and other faith-based organizations for federal social service grants.”

The letter can be read here as well as the list of organizations behind the letter which is a virtual who’s who of left wing activists from big unions, gay groups, feminists and atheists to other assorted social justice warriors.

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