Obama Honoree’s Spouse: Americans Must “Abandon” Cars and Airplanes In The Green Energy Future (VIDEO)

David BBill Blittersdorf speaking to the Addison County Democrats, June 7, 2015. (Image: Screenshot)

When Obama told the American people that they will no longer be able to eat everything they want, or be able to drive their SUVs, and keep their thermostats set at 72 degrees, most people just laughed. But undeterred Obama doubled down on his agenda by saying that they (Progressives) were going to fundamentally transform the United States of America. Again most Americans didn’t take him seriously.

But nearing the end of his second term it would be hard to argue against the fact that the President has indeed transformed the United States, and not for the better. But he hasn’t done it alone and his transformation isn’t complete. So the President still needs needs help and people with vision. The kind of vision he can only get from Progressives and true Climate Change believers, like Jan and David Blittersdorf.

In 2009 Jan (Bloomstran) Blittersdorf, Chairwomen and CEO of NRG Renewables, was invited to the White House to meet with President Obama and discuss green jobs and economic growth. That meeting must have gone well because in 2012, Jan was honored by the President and named a White House Champion of Change for her roll in “advancing the green energy future”.

Fast forward three years and in June of 2015 Jan’s husband, and Democratic Party donor, David Blittersdorf, was asked by the Addison County Democrats to give a speech about what exactly his vision (assuming his wife Jan shares the same vision) of what the new green energy future entails. Well according to Mr. Blittersdorf, in his green energy future Americans won’t be driving cars, flying in airplanes, living in the country, or even commuting to work. If that isn’t anti-American enough for you then Mr. Blittersdorf’s vision also includes a nationalized electric grid, and a country where, because renewables will only generate 20-30% of the energy we consume now, Americans will have to drastically cut back on their usage. Here is a transcript of part of his speech:

“We could probably do 20-30% of what we are used to living on for energy.

So what’s that mean?

It means conservation, efficiency, all these other things have to be in play. Otherwise none of this works. Renewables and reducing energy use is critical. So all of this stuff has to happen.

…Carbon tax, We gotta do a carbon tax. …Sweden has done a carbon tax. It works…

…Electricity is going to become our number one energy carrier: wind, solar, hydro. So we are going to change from about 25% of our energy coming from electricity, we are going to end up at 69-90%. Eventually we’ll be mostly electric. Because we are going to get off liquid fuels. And hard fuels, coal.

We must move to an electrified mass transit. And I put this in here but people don’t want to face the fact that we’re probably going to have to abandon the car. The car has been our number one reason we consume so much energy. Suburbia is built around the car. Our highway system is heavily subsidized around the car. It takes a lot of energy to run a car centric system. The sad thing is China is adapting the car. We sold more cars last year in China than were sold in the United States. Something like 18 or 19 million cars. and they think within 10 years they are going to be selling 40 to 50 million cars. And there is about a billion cars in the world. There are people in the world that say, well we’re shooting for 2 billion. We don’t have the energy to run cars. It’s not going to work.

So we must go to mass transit and re localizing..we got to get people to live where they work. They can’t be living everywhere. And in Vermont people like to live 10, 20, 30 miles from work. That’s going to disappear. The 10 acre lot way out in the middle of nowhere one a dirt road is not going to be working anymore. It’s going to get expensive to live like that. So we have to get closer to where we work.

And we are going to switch to heating, electric heat pumps. We’re going to electrify our heating systems. And when we go to mass transit we’re going to electrify our trains. It’s much more efficient to run an electric train than it is to run diesel locomotive. About 3 times more efficient.

And the idea that we are going to be flying around in airplanes is one of the worst consumers of energy and in emitting carbon. It’s really nice, but I tell my kids who are in their 20’s, if you want to travel, travel now. Don’t wait 50 years it will cost you ten times as much.”

Video below:

For those of us who have been studying Obama’s green agenda for years, Mr. Blittersdorf’s vision is nothing new. As a matter of fact it’s known as Agenda 21, the UN plan to spread Sustainability around the globe.

But unfortunately for most Americans, the idea that Mr. Blittersdorf’s vision could actually come to fruition is still laughable. But to the rest of us, especially considering how far President Obama has shoved Sustainability down the throats of Americans already, we find his vision anything… but funny.

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