Nutritionist: Michelle Obama’s ‘Healthy’ Processed Lunch Meats Cause Cancer

Nutritionist Daniel Jarvis told WOWK TV that Michelle Obama’s supposedly “healthy” processed lunch meats may cause cancer.
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Clinical Dietitian Daniel Jarvis:

“I know kids like pizza and nuggets and corn dogs. They try to say it’s healthy to make money… I see pepperoni and processed meats aren’t very good for cancer if you eat a whole lot of them. It’s like a scheme to make money.

The government lunch program is a big industry.
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EAGNews reported:

Some nutrition experts believe the National School Lunch Program is “a scheme to make money” using foods “that cause cancer.”

WOWK TV reviewed a recent national doctor’s study that lays out the link between large food producers and the National School Lunch Program, including the companies’ advertisements for nuggets, corn dogs and pizza in school trade magazines.

The news site consulted with Cabell Huntington Hospital Clinical dietitian Daniel Jarvis to get his take on the types of foods promoted to school administrators as compliant with federal food guidelines, and the millions corporations are profiting from their products.

“I see pepperoni and processed meats that cause cancer,” Jarvis told WOWK TV, “it’s like a scheme to make money.”

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