New York Teacher Passes Student Who Begged to Fail

Here’s a reminder that we’re living in an age where everyone gets a trophy. A New York high school student who blew off classes and homework and knew she didn’t deserve to pass was passed anyway by her teacher who says she felt pressured to graduate as many students as possible.

The best part? It was a class on government.

The New York Post reported:


Teacher on why she passed student who ‘begged’ to fail

The Queens teacher who passed a high school student practically begging to be failed made a stunning admission Sunday — she did it because of the “tremendous amount of pressure” to just graduate kids.

William Cullen Bryant High School instructor Andrea McHale copped to the move the same day that The Post published a front-page essay by guilt-ridden teen Melissa Mejia lamenting how she received a passing grade in the teacher’s government class — even though she rarely showed up, didn’t turn in homework, and missed the final.

A minimum passing grade of 65 allowed her to graduate.

“It was not an ideal situation,” McHale acknowledged to The Post at her Queens home. “If we don’t meet our academic goals, we are deemed failures as teachers. There is a tremendous amount of pressure on us as teachers.”

“I thought it was in her best interest and the school’s best interest to pass her.”

The student absolutely knew she didn’t deserve to pass.

In her essay, Mejia said: “I don’t like receiving what I would call a handout, but that’s what happened. New York City gave me a diploma I didn’t deserve.”

McHale’s acknowledgment that she pushed Mejia through appeared to confirm the worst fears about the city’s public schools — that even unsatisfactory students are routinely handed diplomas.

One of the things that could easily improve education in New York and elsewhere is school vouchers which would give parents and students more choices for quality education.

The Democratic Party however, is beholden to teacher unions which oppose school choice.

It’s a shame.

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