New York City Police: Ten-Year-Old Boy, Part of Child Robbery Gang, Arrested in Crips Initiation Arson

A ten-year-old boy was charged with arson Wednesday night in a fire set at a Brooklyn store on Tuesday. The arson was reportedly a Crips gang initiation according to police sources, reported the New York Daily News.

Ten Year Old Robbery Suspects WCBS TV
Ten-year-old robbery suspects leave Family Court Wednesday, image via WCBS-TV.

The News also reported the ten-year-old had just been in Family Court to answer for his arrest in the broad daylight violent child gang attempted robbery of an elderly grandmother in Crown Heights on Monday.


WCBS-TV reported the boy was arrested Wednesday night and was being held at the 67th Precinct.

A gang of five children ranging in age from four to ten years old, surrounded the sixty-seven-year-old woman at around 2 p.m. Monday and tried to steal her purse. One of the children slapped the grandmother in the face hard enough to break her glasses but she was able to hold on to her purse. The four-year-old brother of one of the ten-year-old boys reportedly acted as the lookout during the attack, but was not charged by police.

The Daily News reported witnesses say the two ten-year-old boys involved in the attack also attacked a police officer who was trying to detain the boys.

“The fire was set in the back of a Deals discount store on Clarkson Ave. Tuesday — just one day after the mugging.”

…”employees at the store described the diminutive delinquent as a pre-teen terror who helped a group of kids smash a window only weeks ago.”

…”Cops believe the fire-setting was part of an effort to get in with a local Crips crew.

“”It was some kind of initiation” the source said. “He did it to belong to the gang.”

“The boy, whose name was not released due to his age, was picked up just hours after he went to Family Court on the attempted robbery charge.

“On Monday, the tyke and another 10-year-old attacked the Brooklyn grandmother and tried to rob her of her purse on Empire Blvd. and Rogers Ave. in Crown Heights, cops said.”

…”The two young suspects were taken into custody, but not before they attacked a cop trying to grab hold of them, witnesses said.”

A bystander filmed police arresting the children a few minutes after the attack. There were complaints that the boys were handcuffed. Video of the arrest was included in a report by News 12 Brooklyn that can be seen here.

The elderly victim spoke to the Daily News about the attack.

“”Oh my god, I’m so stressed over it,” the brutalized senior, who did not wished to be named, said about the attack. “It was broad daylight. All they cared about is my bag. They wanted my bag.

““It’s really sad because I’m a mother, a grandmother, an aunt,” she said. “I hope they get help. All I’m praying is somebody gets help for them and their parents.”

…”The senior was left dazed and stunned, but was otherwise unharmed.

“”My glasses are damaged,” she said. “One of them gave me a slap when I was trying to control him.””

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