New Vice Video: Shooting Guns With Ann Coulter -UNPLUGGED

What a great project–
Mitchell Sunderland, managing editor from VICE’s new female-focused channel Broadly, spent a day with Ann Coulter and her New York friends shooting guns.
coulter guns

Memorable lines from the video:
** “MSNBC doesn’t give two sh*ts about black people.”

** “Stand-up comedians love me.”


** “I say it over and over in the book, we are importing rape cultures.”

** “We’re going to become Mexico. I didn’t want to live in Mexico. I wanted to live in America. So did Lupe the maid.”

** “I’ve never sucked up to anybody, I’ve always said what I believe,”

** “I apparently didn’t get the gene that makes you want to have children and I didn’t get the gene that makes you afraid.”

** “The one thing liberals have learned is when they try to invite her on and destroy her it never works.”

This was a wonderful behind the scenes look at Ann Coulter.
Via Broadly:

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