LOVE IT! Steelers Player Has Sons Return “Participation Trophies”—Trophies Are For Winners, Not For ‘Showing Up’

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers posted an instagram rant that is resonating with many Americans. He came home a few days ago to discover his two sons won a trophy for “participating”.

Harrison made his sons return the trophies and basically explained to them (and to the world via his instagram) that trophies need to be earned by winning, not for merely showing up. If trophies are to be given out, maybe Harrison deserves the “Father-of-the-Year” trophy for educating his sons on the meaning of a good work ethic.


CNSWashington reports many positive responses and offers the following with response examples:

A lot of parents probably agree, although few have taken the journey that the Steelers’ linebacker has taken.

Harrison was a walk-on at Kent State, went undrafted, played a season in NFL Europe and was cut by the Ravens before becoming a member of the Steelers. He went on to win two Super Bowl rings, make five Pro Bowls and was named Defensive Player of the Year in 2008.

Among the responses to the post:

 AMEN!!!!!! Our society is building a country of enabled children with this kind of crap.

 This topic has needed more discussion and support. How did we get to this point where children get trophies for participation! It’s equivalent to giving out commissions to sales people for showing up! Amen!

 Well done james. There comes a time especially in sports. When u have to loose. It’s a game. An just being a part of the game. Shouldn’t get u a trophy. Good job james!

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