Leftists FURIOUS After #Ferguson Police Officer Posts How He Spent His “Mike Brown Bonus” Cash

Leftists are FURIOUS after a Ferguson police officer posted how he spent his “Mike Brown bonus” cash this week with his wife.
mike brown bonus cash

Officer Todd Bakula made the extra money protecting businesses this week from the #BlackLivesMatter mob.

Bakula and his wife took a bike ride, had dinner and stayed at a bed-and-breakfast.
They needed the downtime after the hectic week.
WTOP reported, via Free Republic:


St. Louis County police are investigating a Facebook post in which one of its officers discusses how he spent his “annual Michael Brown bonus.”

The Guardian (http://bit.ly/1LdORpa ) reports that Officer Todd Bakula posted on his Facebook page that he took his wife to a bed and breakfast using money earned for staffing the protests this week in Ferguson, where Brown was fatally shot by a white officer last year.

St. Louis County Sgt. Shawn McGuire told the newspaper that Bakula is a patrolman and the post would be investigated.

He also said the department understands the post is “controversial.”

The officer has taken down his facebook page.

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