Leftists Circulate Picture of Little Girl Carrying Governor Scott Walker’s Severed Head

A leftist environmental group is passing around a picture of a little girl carrying Wisconsin governor Scott Walker’s decapitated head.

Remember all the times the left called conservatives hateful and demanded a new tone in American politics? They don’t.

The Wisconsin Daily Independent reports:


Environmentalists Circulating Image of Girl Carrying Walker’s Decapitated Head

A member of the Facebook page titled Citizens Protecting the Penokee Hills Heritage Park posted a artist depiction of a small girl carrying the severed head of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The image, has amassed over 160 likes and 170 responses that are mostly positive.

According to the mission statement, the purpose of their group is to provide an avenue for the distribution of research, education, and information pertaining to preserving the Penokee Hills as a national heritage park in northwestern Wisconsin.

Read the rest of the report here.

If a conservative group published an image like this featuring a liberal politician, the media reaction would be swift and harsh.

Will this disgusting and violent display be condemned by the media?

(Image: Source)

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