Left Wing Salon.com Claims Trump is Last Stand of Angry White Tea Party Men

When it comes to progressive news outlets, Salon.com is known far and wide for its obnoxious hatred of all things conservative.

They’re now claiming that the only reason Trump is doing well is because of angry white men of the Tea Party.

Breitbart News reports:


Salon: Trump Is the Last Stand of Angry White ‘Tea Party’ Males

From Kim Messick writing at Salon:

Now that the first Republican debate is more than a week behind us, we should pause for a moment’s reflection on what we’ve learned about the party, its candidates and its electorate. If taken seriously, this question suggests others about the state of our national political media. None of the answers are very edifying, much less comforting.

The Trumpapolooza

Without doubt, the most significant short- to medium-term event of the weeks leading up to the debate was the sudden surge of Donald Trump in the national polls. (The most important long-term development was probably Jeb Bush’saccumulation of more than $100 million in campaign funds, most of which went to the pro-Bush super PAC Right to Rise.) Having entered the race in mid-June with aspeech in which he implied that the Mexican government was targeting our Southern border with wave-upon-wave of “rapists” and other miscreants, Trump stayed the course with a luxurious blast of invective, a bloom of rhetorical fisticuffs that suggested a forensic version of Charles Sumner’s 1856 caning on the floor of the Senate.

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Is Bernie Sanders the last stand of stupid socialists?

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