Killer Bryce Williams Left Dirty Sex Toys for Investigators – Would Throw Cat Sh*t at Neighbors’ Balconies

Dude had issues.
bryce williams 2
Bryce Williams – Vester Lee Flanagan (The Heavy)

Vester Lee Flanagan left dirty sex toys in his home for investigators. He reportedly used to throw cat shi*t on his neighbors’ balconies.

Police found
The Telegraph reported:


The Telegraph has obtained exclusive pictures and video footage from inside the apartment of Vester Lee Flanagan, revealing details of the gunman’s life in the days before he murdered Alison Palmer and Adam Ward…

He left behind an apartment filled with his personal effects, including photographs of himself during his days as a television journalist and posters that appear to be of male pin-ups.

In a raid on the apartment on Wednesday, police reportedly confiscated a gay pride flag. They also found “many” sex toys, which may have “human material” on them, the source told this newspaper.

The Telegraph has learned whilst he was “really nice to the girls”, he was often taken by bouts of fury toward the men.

“He would literally just throw cat s*** into their balconies,” the source said.

A “long list” of complaints against him are said to have been lodged with the landlord.

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