Juan Williams: “2016 Will Close The Book On Tea Party Era”

Guest post by Patch Adams

juan williams

The upcoming Presidential election next year is set to be an exciting one. With the large number of Republican candidates stepping up for the Oval Office who will win and why is still up in the air.

But some “controversial” remarks made Republican candidates, and right-wing talk show hosts, has caused unpredictable reactions on both sides of the aisle. While the number of those on the political right who have become energized by those remarks continue to grow, so do the numbers on the left who are predicting doom and gloom if the Republicans get into the White House.


One well known Progressive pundit in particular, Fox contributor Juan Williams, has even predicted that because of those controversial remarks independent voters will turn on the Republicans therefore ending the Tea Party era in Washington next year:

“The bad news for the few moderate Republicans still in Congress is that they face long odds in the fast-approaching 2016 elections.

The good news for Republican moderates in Congress is that a difficult 2016 cycle of Senate races now looks likely to close the book on the Tea Party era of American politics.

The hot rhetoric coming from talk radio hosts and conservative activists — whether it’s trashing Planned Parenthood or praising Donald Trump’s outrageous comments about Mexican immigrants — is only making it more difficult for Republican senators trying to win centrist votes next year.

Only a Progressive would consider supporting a secure border and the effort to stop the murder, dissection, and sale of dead baby parts “controversial”.

So if Juan is right, and talk of supporting such things will drive “centrists” into the arms of the Democrats, then those voters weren’t really undecided voters; they were just Progressives in disguise. And the Democrats, like Juan, is welcome to them. Along with the other Progressives… disguised as Republicans.

(Image: Politico)

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