Jindal to Run Continuous Video-Loop of Planned Parenthood Sting Videos During Pro-Choice Rally at Governor’s Mansion

Pro-choice activists planned a protest outside the Louisiana Governor’s mansion today after Governor Jindal defunded Planned Parenthood in the state.

In response to the protest, Bobby Jindal will run a continuous video-loop of the Planned Parenthood sting videos by Americans for Medical Progress.
melissa planned parenthood
Planned Parenthood officials eat salad while discussing harvesting of baby body parts.

Jindal is brilliant.
LifeSite News reported:

Louisiana governor and GOP presidential candidate Bobby Jindal will counter pro-Planned Parenthood protests today with a protest of his own — in the form of a continuous video loop of the seven undercover videos showing illegal abortions and fetal harvesting by Planned Parenthood clinics.

The videos, some of which include graphic footage of abortion workers sorting through the dismembered arms, legs and other body parts of aborted babies as old as 20-weeks gestation, will show on an outdoor movie theater outside the Louisiana governor’s mansion.

The pro-Planned Parenthood protest is set to take place at 4:30 CT. The screening of the videos will happen at the same time.

Jindal, who was one of the first governors to pull funding of the abortion giant, said in a statement earlier today that, “Planned Parenthood has a right to protest…but Governor Jindal’s office will ensure that anyone who shows up will have to witness first-hand the offensive actions of the organization they are supporting.”

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