ITALY: North African Student Tears Crucifix From School Wall and Throws It Out Window

crucifix school

A North African student was suspended after he tore a crucifix from a wall and threw it out the window at an Italian school.
Isn’t multiculturalism grand?
Diversity Mach reported:

In Vigevano, a North-African student who is a minor has been suspended for twenty days after having taken the crucifix that was hung up in the classroom and thrown it out of the window. A pupil of the “Caramuel” school has therefore been punished after having appeared in class with a hammer and nails to tear off the sacred symbol from the wall and throw it out of the window. “We wanted to send a strong signal,” was the only comment from the director of education Matteo Loria, “because we don’t want to see these types of incidents repeated”.

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