ISIS Using Remote-Controlled Toy Cars for Launching Bomb Attacks

ISIS is using remote-controlled toy cars for launching terror attacks against Kurdish soldiers.
isis army

The Indian Express reported, via Religion of Peace:

Islamic State terrorists are using computer game inspired remote-controlled toy cars for launching bomb attacks on front lines, according to a media report.

Kurdish soldiers fighting the dreaded terror group in Syria and Iraq came across one of the cars, inspired by computer game Call Of Duty, after it failed to detonate, The Mirror reported.

However, several others have exploded, killing and injuring enemy forces.

The small vehicles are reportedly being imported by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) from Turkey.

Jihadists load the monster truck-style vehicles with explosives and then, using remote controls, send them to the front line to face their enemies, the report said.

The scheme has chilling echoes of the Call Of Duty computer game in which players use remote-controlled cars to kill opponents in a virtual war zone.

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