Illinois Lottery Winners Get an IOU Because State Has NO BUDGET to Pay Them

This is a fine example of life in a true blue state. Illinois is having such serious budget problems that lottery winners are being given IOUs.

CNBC reported:

Illinois Lottery winners receive IOU amid lack of budget: Report

Danny Chasteen and his girlfriend, Susan Rick, thought they had gotten their big break last month when Chasteen won $250,000 from the Illinois Lottery. Instead, they got an IOU.

The Chicago Tribune reported that disbursements of Illinois Lottery winnings of more than $25,000 have been halted because the state doesn’t have a budget.

“For the first time, we were finally gonna get a break,” Rick said. “And now the Illinois Lottery has kind of messed everything up.”
Under state law, checks for such winnings must be cut by the state comptroller’s office and, since lawmakers have yet to approve a budget, the office cannot release those funds, the newspaper said.

Would Illinois accept an IOU from a taxpayer who owed money to the state?


You might recall this classic scene from Dumnb and Dumber.


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