Illegal Alien Flees Bolivia After Robbery – Then Butchers 3 Americans in Florida (VIDEO)

Trump was right.
International criminals know they can always flee to America — because there is no border security here in the United States.
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A Bolivian fled to America after robbing a cell phone store at home. After crossing into the United States Brian Omar Hyde murdered his cousins in Florida.

Infowars reported:


The brutal deaths of a grandmother and two teens in Florida earlier this week have been pinned on an illegal alien who crossed the Texas-Mexico border.

Police in Fort Meyers arrested Bolivian national Brian Omar Hyde, 19, Tuesday driving on the wrong side of the road with no license and blood on his clothes and body.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office suspects Hyde of carrying out the “extremely violent “ slayings of his cousin and roommate Starlette Pitts, 17, her mother Dorla Pitts, 37, and Michael Kelly, Jr., 19, though they still haven’t figured out a motive. Pitts’ and Kelly’s 18-month-old daughter reportedly remained unharmed.

At a press conference today, Lt. Matt Sands described the grisly incident.

It was an “extremely violent scene, even for us,” Sands said. “All homicide scenes are normally violent, but this scene was what we considered unimaginable.”

According to the lieutenant, there were indications the victims died due to sharp force trauma, though no murder weapon was identified. There was also evidence the victims attempted to defend themselves from their attacker.

“He is an illegal alien,” Lt. Sands stated, adding, “He is currently on bond and is in the process of being removed from the United States.”

NBC affiliate WBBH reports authorities in Bolivia were familiar with Hyde:

Hyde was recently wanted in connection to a recent robbery of a cell phone store there before fleeing the country.

Hyde first came to the U.S. in January, illegally entering through Texas, according to investigators.

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