Iconic #Ferguson Protester Arrested on Assault and Interference With Police Officer

The Ferguson protester who famously hurled a tear gas canister back at police was charged for assault today.

edward crawford
Crawford was also arrested a week before Mike Brown’s shooting death.

Edward Crawford was charged with interfering with a police officer and assaulting a person.
The canister he threw hit an officer knocking him to the ground.


Crawford will appear in court in September.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported:

The St. Louis County counselor has filed charges against Edward Crawford, who was featured in an iconic Post-Dispatch photo hurling a tear gas container back toward police during the Ferguson protests last August.

Crawford, 26, was cited for violating two county ordinances: interfering with a police officer in performance of his duties and assaulting a person.

Crawford’s court date is set for Sept. 9.

According to the assault charge filed Aug. 3, he threw “a burning gas canister at police officers.” The canister hit an officer, knocking him to the ground, the charge alleges.

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