HIPPIES FOR NUKES: Ben and Jerry Urge People to Support Obama’s Awful Iran Deal

The last time we checked in with the creators of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, they were complaining about money in politics while giving tons of cash to Democrats.

You know, kind of like Bernie Sanders does with his family members.

Now they’re pushing people to support Obama’s awful Iran deal.


Charlie Spiering of Breitbart reports:

Ice Cream Magnates Ben & Jerry Promote Iran Nuclear Deal

Jerry Greenfield and Ben Cohen, the well known founders of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, have come out in support of President Obama’s Iran nuclear deal.

In an email to MoveOn.org activists, the pair encouraged fellow liberals to help campaign for the deal, encouraging Democrats to support Obama.

“We’re writing today about keeping America out of another war in the Middle East,” they write in a message featuring their picture.

The pair has already publicly endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT)16%
for president in 2016 and even provided free ice cream for one of his political events.

Although Cohen and Greenfield founded Ben and Jerry’s, they sold it to British-Dutch corporation Cohen and Greenfield for $326 million in 2000.

“Lobbyists and billionaires plan to spend over $40 million to stop the diplomatic deal with Iran—the one the Obama Administration negotiated to prevent Iran from getting nuclear weapons,” they write in their message.

Note to the left: You can’t demonize rich people when you’re worth hundreds of millions.

You also can’t claim to be an advocate for peace while pushing a deal that would give nuclear weapons to a country with leaders who chant “death to America” on a regular basis.

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