GOP Consultant Accuses of Being the “Pravda” for Donald Trump

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Former George H. W. Bush consultant Rick Wilson lashed out at Breitbart Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow tonight on CNN accusing of being the “Pravda” for Donald Trump.
Video via Breitbart:

Despite Rick Wilson’s insults Alex Marlow probably delivered the sharpest blows.
Breitbart reported:

The two men, before addressing each other, established a stark contrast with the other’s view. Wilson defended Bush on several questions and, unprompted, said: “I don’t work for Jeb Bush, and I’m not here to advocate specifically for him.” All the while, he threw a few bombs at Trump. “Every one of these pressers this guy does is a dumpster fire… most of the things that come out of Donald Trump’s mouth have almost no relationship to the truth under any circumstances. He just makes it up.” He wrapped up with a comparison of Trump’s talking point on forcefully taking Iraq’s oil to a “drunk dad at the local corner bar talking smack.”…

Marlow challenged Wilson and impugned him as part of the “consultant class” disconnected from the conservative grassroots:

You see the reason why Trump has so much more momentum is actually because of commentary like Rick’s, where we respectfully disagree. But Rick is from this consultant class, from the GOP establishment, and so much of the grassroots are not interested in what they have to say and the direction they’re leading us. Leading us towards Jeb, a guy with no energy, that doesn’t get the grassroots fired up. What gets the grassroots fired up is Trump staying on immigration, being media savvy, calling people out repeatedly–people are loving it. Whether or not you’re happy about that, that’s up to you, but people are loving it.

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Wilson has strong ties with the Bush family who calls himself a Republican media consultant – which tells you a lot right there. Is there any Republican worth a rat’s a$$ on communications besides Donald Trump and a few others?

Wilson tweeted this out earlier today.


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