Glenn Reynolds: #BlackLivesMatter Is an Overtly Racist Movement

Black Lives Matter is an overtly racist movement – based on the Mike Brown myth.
black lives matter atl

Mike Brown was no angel, y’all.

Professor Glenn Reynolds links to a column by conservative Larry Elder today on racism in America.


Glenn then goes on to dissect the Black Lives Matter movement.
Via Instapundit:

We all know that it’s #BlackLivesMatter, with the emphasis being on black. It’s an overtly racist movement, focusing on police killings of blacks, not any other race, and without regard to any actual statistical data or evidence in particular cases. 

Instead of shunning such overt racism in 2015, top Democrats are embracing it, and Republicans are trying to stay as quiet as possible,lest the racist ire be directed toward them, as it was recently with Bernie Sanders.

#BlackLivesMatter is racially divisive at a time when this country desperately needs unity, and its votaries have on blinders about the biggest problem of all in the black community: black-on-black murder. The only candidate who seems to have the courage to acknowledge this is Ben Carson.  So far, the Black Lives Matter movement has left Dr. Carson alone, presumably because of his race.  How typical of them. Perhaps they are also afraid that a thoughtful, fact-based response by a black Republican candidate might take away some of the momentum of  their self-righteous, divisive, racist indignation?

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