“Foreigners Out!” – 30 Police Officers Injured During East German Protest Against Immigrants

Thirty police officers were injured today during a mass protest against immigration policies.

** Germany will receive nearly 750,000 immigrants this year in a country of 80 million.

The country cannot possibly absorb so many third world immigrants without an enormous strain on the system.


Russia Today reported:

Around 600 far-right demonstrators and police clashed at an opening of a new refugee center in eastern Germany, with over 30 officers being treated for injuries afterwards. Asylum applications in the country have quadrupled in the space of a year.

The first busload of asylum seekers was supposed to arrive at a former hardware store, hastily repurposed into a 250-bed accommodation facility in Heidanau, near Dresden, on Friday evening. The city is the birthplace of the anti-immigrant Pegida movement.

In anticipation of the bus, around 1,000 protesters, marshaled by the far-right National Democratic Party, stood outside the facility, shouting “Foreigners out!” and holding placards saying “Stop the immigrant flood!” as well as chanting the “We are the people!” slogan adopted by Pegida.

The initial demonstration, heavily policed by officers in riot gear, passed peacefully, but as darkness descended, chaos broke out.

The protesters included men women and children.

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