PHOTO ESSAY of #FERGUSON, MO – One Year After the #MikeBrown Riots

On Saturday August 9, 2014, 18 year-old Michael Brown was shot to death by a Ferguson police officer after robbing a local convenience store.

Protesters in Ferguson tore up the business district during riots after Mike Brown’s death.

The vandalism and destruction was enormous.
Over 100 businesses were vandalized, looted or destroyed during the violence.
Here is an interactive map of the attacks, shootings, lootings, and destruction.
Many of the local businesses were looted not just once, but twice.


lootings st louis

This week marked the one year anniversary of robber Michael Brown’s shooting death.
Today we took a trip back to Ferguson, Missouri.

Last year the Ferguson QT was the first of several local businesses to be looted and burned to the ground.
qt ferguson

We posted numerous photos of the destruction last year.

Today it is an empty lot.
QT ferguson empty lot

Autozone – One year later

Spray-paint reads “Black Lives Matter”

Sam’s Meat Market

The 911 Salon – was looted in 2014 and looted again this week.

Furniture for Less is shut down

Ponderosa is boarded up today.

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