Ferguson, MO Mike Brown Solidarity Protesters: “Burn The Sh*t Down!” (VIDEO)

Mike Brown

On Friday night in Ferguson, MO individuals gathered to once again protest the death of Mike Brown. While several protesters chanted more peaceful slogans some, wearing masks, standing on cars, and waving upside down American flags, chanted:

“If they don’t give us our sh*t! Burn the sh*t down!”

One protester with a bullhorn admitted that he did not trust the system and that the protesters “talk out of control and out of rage” because they have been “pushed to that point”.

Chant begins around the 00:14 mark. Video below:


While tensions were high as people trying to get home were frustrated at a street full of protesters blocking their way, local news reports the protest was peaceful.

More protests are scheduled throughout the weekend in Ferguson and around the country.

(Image: Screen grab)

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