Facebook Post Ignites Firestorm=> MILITARY GRAVESTONES Used to Build Patio in Southern Missouri

A Missouri man has paved his patio with military headstones.
Photos taken of the patio have gone viral on Facebook.

Veteran Ed Harkreader posted the photos on Facebook.

Many of the headstones belong to Alabama veterans.
Via AL.com:
patio headstones


The VA’s inspector general’s office is investigating. According to AL.com military headstones periodically are replaced, but old stones are supposed to be destroyed.

Nearly one hundred gravestones were used in the patio and steps.
FOX 2 Now reported:

A patio paved with military headstones in southern Missouri is causing quiet a firestorm on Facebook. FOX2 talked with the man who took the pictures he says are disrespectful.

The patio apparently made out of about 100 military headstones is in Ozark County, no far from the Missouri-Arkansas state line.

Navy veteran Ed Harkreader says he learned about the patio from a friend.

He drove to take a look and took photos, then posted them on Facebook.

Harkreader says he talked with the sheriff, who told him the headstones may have come from a company that discarded some of them and left them for the public.

Harkreader says they are supposed to be discarded and not used in this manner.

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