Ex-Con’s Statement Goes Viral – Makes #F*ckThePolice Mob Furious (VIDEO)

YouTube sensation Amiri King, a comedian and self-admitted ex-con, takes a few minutes to discuss the anti-police “F*ckThePolice” movement and why he thinks it’s ridiculous.
amiri king

King got out of prison in 2001. He tells his followers,

“I got out of prison in 2001. I decided to keep my nose clean and change my life. Never got in trouble again. Never had a problem with a cop. Never had two words with one. Believe me, when you decide to quit breaking the law, they’ll leave you the f*ck alone.”

It’s some pretty sage advice from an ex-con.
Watch the whole thing.
(Warning on language.)


Someone once told me in prison, "When you speak something real, the fake will scatter."This advice has worked out perfectly for me.

Posted by Amiri King on Tuesday, August 18, 2015

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