Estonian Folk Dancers Attacked by Immigrant Mob in Sweden with Rocks and Fire

folk singers
Estonian folk dancers

An Estonian dance group was attacked by an immigrant mob during a festival in Sweden. The mob hurled rocks through the windows of the school they were staying at and tried to burn it down.
Friatidor reported, via Religion of Peace:

Estonian folk dancers, who visited Sweden to participate in a folk dance festival in Helsingborg, were attacked by immigrants.

The news of the attack on the Estonian dancers has been widely reported in the Estonian media including at Õhtulent , which is a Schibstedägd sister publication to the Swedish Aftonbladet, wrote about the incident.

According to the newspaper the folk dancing week began with good food and nice accommodation, but ended with the Estonians having to flee head over heels from the school they were staying at after immigrants attacked them and smashed windows and tried to burn down the school.

In Skåne police confirmed that it was messy at the school Wednesday evening.

– On Wednesday evening we have a notification of vandalism at Dalhem School, it must have been sometime at 22:25 in the evening, said police spokesman Nils Norling to Free Times.

– The window panes at the school’s entrances were shattered.

When security guards came to the scene to take care of the situation, according to the Estonian media, the immigrants threw stones at them.

A guardian was also pelted by stones.

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