Environmentalists Post Photo of Scott Walker’s Decapitated Head on Facebook – Think It’s Cute

Wisconsin Environmentalists posted an illustration of Governor Scott Walker’s decapitation by a child online.
They thought it was cute.
walker head

The Wisconsin Daily Independent reported:

A member of the Facebook page titled Citizens Preserving the Penokee Hills Heritage Park posted a artist depiction of a small girl carrying the severed head of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The image, has amassed over 160 likes and 170 responses that are mostly positive.

According to the pages mission statement the purpose of their group is to provide an avenue for the distribution of research, education and information pertaining to preserving the Penokee Hills as a national heritage park in Northwestern Wisconsin.

The mission statement continues to say that this is not a forum for angry, violent or confrontational acts against people or property, but a forum focused on protecting the water, the resources and life giving aspects of the environment.

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