Donald Trump’s Rise Is Directly Linked to Obama’s Destruction of American Society

Another law enforcement officer was shot dead this weekend execution style.
Harris County Sheriff Deputy and Killer ABC13
Texas Sheriff’s Deputy Darren Goforth was shot dead this weekend while pumping gas into his squad car.

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clarke placed the blame for the execution of Harris County deputy Darren Goforth squarely upon President Barack Obama and former Attorney General Eric Holder.

Obama has waged a war on police and civility for over a year now.


The Democratic Party under Obama refuses to call Islamists ‘terrorists.’ This same party uses outrageous comparisons when discussing Republicans.

The Obama Foreign Policy Doctrine includes building a Caliphate in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan.

Obama is the worst jobs president since the Great Depression.

But you would know none of this if you relied on the mainstream media.

The media has been shielding Barack Obama for years.

Reader Dan from New York City writes—

Pity the clueless JournoList community. They are trapped in a snare of their own making.

Their fraternity members are so myopic they don’t know why Trump has shot to the top – and is still defying gravity. But most normal people understand the media has become poison and they see Trump as the antidote. Seven years of running interference for America’s most destructive president will naturally have that effect on a lot of American people. So the more the MSM attack him, and Trump ignores or keeps making fools of them, the more Trump’s star will keep rising.

How high? Only Heaven knows. But if you have a problem with my analysis, why not ask Roger Ailes and Megyn Kelly, or Br’er Rabbit for that matter.

The media cannot understand the rise of Trump – but Americans do.

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