Donald Trump Says a Woman VP Would be “Absolutely Great”

trump ivanka
Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka in Washington July 23, 2014. (REUTERS/Gary Cameron)

Donald Trump praised New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte on Friday and said having a female run with him on the Republican ticket would be “absolutely great.”
Politico reported:

Donald Trump heaped praise on Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire in a Friday interview with a Concord radio station, calling the idea of having a woman as his running mate “absolutely great.”

Trump referenced his private meeting with Ayotte earlier this year, as well as “a couple of times” they had met, in his discussion with WKXL.

Calling the New Hampshire senator “a terrific woman” and “tremendous,” Trump said that he really liked her a lot and “would be somebody that you would consider” as veep.

“I think the concept of a woman as vice president is absolutely great,” he added, but with a disclaimer that it depends on the circumstances.

In July Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte said she isn’t worried about having to support Donald Trump as the GOP presidential nominee since he likely won’t be the party nominee anyway.

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