Devastating=> Rick Perry’s Iowa Campaign Manager Quits – Joins Trump Campaign

More bad news for the Rick Perry campaign.
Perry’s Iowa campaign co-chair Sam Clovis left the campaign this week.
He joined the Trump campaign.
Allahpundit at HotAir reported:

At this rate, it’s hard to believe he won’t be the first mid-major candidate out of the race. His fundraising has been so poor, thanks in part to Ted Cruz soaking up lots of Texas money, that Perry had to temporarily stop paying his staff two weeks ago. The money’s since started flowing again as the campaign has begun to outsource operations to his Super PAC, which has plenty of dough in the bank, but there’s no getting around the perception that he’s struggling. With good reason: He’s currently at 1.3 percent in RCP’s poll average in Iowa. He hasn’t been above four percent in a poll there all year.

And now, to add insult to injury, his Iowa chairman’s headed off to join the campaign of a guy he called a cancer on conservatism.

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