TOP DEMOCRAT, PENTAGON Confirm Investigation of Chattanooga Navy Officer Who Shot at Terrorist

Lt. Col. Allen West (USA Ret.) sounded the alarm Saturday morning saying he had received confirmation from a source that the Navy was “bringing charges” against Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White for using his personal firearm, in violation of rules that leave servicemen unarmed and defenseless, to try to fight off an Islamist terror attack on the military office he commanded in Chattanooga, Tennessee on July 16. Five servicemen were killed. One service member and one police officer were wounded and survived the attack.

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West’s report was picked by by The Gateway Pundit and others.

Democratic Party presidential candidate Jim Webb
confirmed West’s report in comments posted to Twitter on Sunday afternoon. Webb is a former Secretary of the Navy and also served as a U.S. Senator for Virginia.


In a statement posted to Facebook Saturday afternoon and a comment by a spokesperson for the Pentagon made to Fox News late Saturday night, the Navy said an investigation is ongoing and made clear charges have not been ruled out for Lt. Cmdr. Timothy White

White admitted in an interview published Friday in the Chattanooga Times Free Press that he used a personal firearm to try to ward off the attack by Muhammad Abdulazeez.

“Navy charging LCDR Tim White w/ a crime for trying to defend our sailors & Marines in #Chattanooga? He deserves a medal, not an indictment.”

“Before tweeting last night, we confirmed with a defense official that the Navy was seriously considering charging LCDR Timothy White.”

“The charge being considered is illegally discharging a firearm on federal property. No on the record comment was offered.”

The Pentagon’s statement was reported on Fox & Friends on Sunday morning:

“Still looking at tons of data, so can’t completely rule anything out.”

The Navy posted a statement on its Facebook page in response to criticism stating that no one has been charged but left open the possibility that charges could be brought.

“Stories of Navy personnel being charged with an offense are not true. There is still a long way to go in reviewing the facts of this tragic incident, but at this time we can confirm no service member has been charged with an offense.”

A White House petition started before West’s report asking President Barack Obama to honor White and other military personnel who used personal firearms to defend against the Chattanooga terror attack has garnered at least 16,000 signatures.

Click here to sign the petition.

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