Dana Loesch Throws Down – Blasts Lib Bill Burton for Pushing Gun Control After WDBJ Shooting (VIDEO)

Conservative author, TV host and talker Dana Loesch went on The Kelly File tonight to talk about the horrific murders in Roanoke, Virginia this morning.

Former Obama official Bill Burton joined her to discuss this national tragedy.

dana burton

Burton suggested that the US should crack down on guns after the shooting. Dana let him have it.
“Everyone is focusing on the gun. Can we also bring up that this was a racially charged, racially motivated crime by somebody who had a grievance. And I think all too often there is a focus on the tool instead of the hate in someone’s heart.”
Burton spewed off some nonsense about gun control when Dana let him have it:

“We don’t have a gun problem. We have a criminal problem. We have a society that thinks it’s completely permissible to shirk responsibility. We have people who have no problem with what Planned Parenthood does in terms of fetal parts harvesting. We don’t teach a respect for life. We glorify violence in movie, music, film and books. This is what our society is. This is Frankenstein’s monster. This is what society has created. It is a reflection of us. And, as I said, criminals are always going to be with us. I’ve had my life protected by a gun. I don’t want that right taken from me.

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