Crazy==>Planned Parenthood Tells Congress Unedited Versions Of Baby Selling Videos Were “Heavily Edited”


Having served as a videographer for several years with the St. Louis Tea Party I’ve come to understand the art of video editing. Considering that most of the American public have a very short attention span, it’s important to edit down your footage to grab the viewers attention, and share the important information, in as short a time as possible. But it’s doubly important to also post the complete, unedited footage to dispel any lingering doubts about your video’s honesty and authenticity.

But in the case of the disturbing videos depicting the murder and sale of dead babies, even posting the full, unedited footage isn’t enough to prove it’s genuine. At least, not if you’re as crazy and desperate as Planned Parenthood.

The Washington Examiner reports that on Thursday, Planned Parenthood submitted a report to Congressional leaders claiming that an independent review (paid for by PP) claims the unedited, full versions of the undercover videos released by the Center for Medical Progress were “heavily edited”:


Planned Parenthood is stepping up its defense that a series of undercover videos detailing the sale and procurement of aborted fetal parts were heavily edited.

The advocacy arm of the women’s health organization funded and submitted a report to congressional leadership Thursday, just as both the House and the Senate are investigating the organization.

A thorough review of these videos in consultation with qualified experts found that they do not present a complete or accurate record of the events they purport to depict,” according to the report conducted by the research firm Fusion GPS.

The report argues that the five videos of Planned Parenthood representatives have “at least 42 splices where content is cut and edited together to create the appearance of seamless conversations.”

For example, a Planned Parenthood staff member’s remarks in one video about lab protocols were edited to make it sound like she was talking about changing abortion procedures, the organization said in a press release.

The center (for Medical Progress) responded that the report “is a complete failure.” The absence of bathroom breaks and waiting periods between meetings “does not change the hours of dialogue with top-level Planned Parenthood executives,” a statement from the group said.

The center added that the report found no evidence of audio manipulation.”

Considering that Planned Parenthood officials are doing their best to avoid possible jail time for the illegal sale of dead babies, it’s not surprising to see them try to defend their actions. Even if it’s as crazy as saying that an unedited video…was “heavily edited”.

I believe that’s known as the desperate “Oxymoron” defense. Emphasis on the desperate, and heavy on the moron.


(Image: Conservatives4Palin)

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