Cops Vindicated by Bodycam Footage After Arrest Video Goes Viral

The social justice warrior crowd is constantly trying to prove that police are racists who use too much force in arrests, particularly with minorities.

A video that recently went viral seems to show just such an arrest but that video doesn’t tell the whole story. This incident occurred in Lexena, Kansas during a routine traffic stop.

That video leaves out some important details which have since come to light and people are now saying that the cops did everything right. Watch this report:


Hat tip to the Jawa Report which adds:

This incident illustrates the lengths and the lies social justice warriors will go to demonize the police without justification. Fortunately, these police officers were vindicated by their body cams and dash cam. However, too many officers still face persecution and wrongful charges of murder for simply doing a difficult, dangerous job and trying to stay alive while doing it.

(Image: Source)

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