Conservative TCU Student Suspended for Tweets on ISIS and Hoodrats

He spoke his mind.
Now he must be punished.

Texas Christian University suspended Harry Vincent after the student after he posted a number of tweets that offended a woman activist in Baltimore.

Vincent tweeted about hoodrats in Baltimore.
hoodrats baltimore


And druggy hoodrats.
druggy hoodrats

His tweets were offensive. So he was suspended.

Harry Vincent spoke out after his suspension.

The Scoop Blog reported:

A Twitter fight with a Maryland woman has gotten a TCU student placed on probation and banned from most campus activities at a place he considered his new home.

The family of Harry Vincent, 19, and an advocacy group are trying to pressure TCU to respect students’ free speech rights, abide by its disciplinary procedures and reverse its punishment of Vincent.

The penalties were the result of a handful of Tweets, including ones slamming Islam, using a derogatory term for Mexicans and saying “hoodrat criminals” in Baltimore should be shipped to the Sahara Desert. Vincent, who is unsure if he’ll return to TCU, said he wasn’t referring to race in those Tweets.

Scott Vincent, the student’s father, said this could have been a teaching moment for the school and his son. Instead, Vincent is being pushed out of a place where he felt at home.

“It seems more like policing than educating,” Scott Vincent said.

TCU officials said little about this case, other than pointing to the Code of Student Conduct. Those who do not “live up to these values” and violate the code can face suspension or expulsion, said Holly Ellman, a university spokeswoman.

She also provided a general statement from TCU: “Texas Christian University’s mission is to educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community. We are always disappointed when any member of our community fails to behave in a way that aligns with our mission.”

Generally, she said, “we just don’t talk about student matters.”

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