Clean My Cave=> ISIS Assigns Cleaning Duties to Indian Recruits

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The Islamic State has assigned cleaning duties to Indian recruits. Islamic State leaders believe the Indians are too frail for battle and are better suited to clean up the camps.
One India reported, via Religion of Peace:

The Hind camp can be found at the ISIS dominated areas of Iraq and Syria. It is a camp that has been set up to accommodate Indians joining the outfit. The Hind camp is the least crowded camps of the ISIS with just 7 members, the fact is that none of the Indian fighters barring one has been allowed to even touch a gun.

As Areeb Majeed one of the four youth from Kalyan in Maharashtra had said upon his return, ” I did odd jobs at the Hind camp.”

None of the fighters barring one from Tamil Nadu who joined the ISIS last year has been allowed on the battle field. All the rest of the ISIS recruits from India are assisting other fighters.

The Indian recruits are meant to cook, clean and do other jobs for the fighters. However some of the Indians have posted pictures with assault rifles in their hand. This is more of a marketing stunt, an Intelligence Bureau official says.

They hold guns pose for a photograph and post it on the internet so that others would be tempted to join the outfit.

Most of the Indians who have joined the ISIS were lured in by false promises. Many felt that after a few rounds of training they would be sent into the battle field. The Areeb Majeed case is a classic example of what really happens at the ISIS camps where Indians are concerned.

The ISIS finds the Indian recruits to be too frail and incapable of a battle. However the ISIS is in need of men to do odd jobs. The camps have to run and hence there is a demand for cleaners and cooks and the Indian recruits have fit the bill perfectly.

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