CHILLING VIDEO=> Vester Flanagan FILMED EXECUTIONS – Posted Online – Played Race Card

Disgruntled former WDBJ employee executed two reporters this morning.

Vester Flanagan posted the video online.

Here is the video….
firing gun flanagan

Flanagan played the race card before his deadly shooting spree.
shooter twitter

Vester Lee Flanagan filmed his murder of two journalists on live television and then broadcast it to the world; police at 11:37 a.m. said Flanagan committed suicide.

Flanagan is seen in the video walking up behind Alison Parker and Adam Ward on Wednesday morning. A pistol then enters the frame but the video stops before the first gunshot. A second video shows the rest of the shooting. (Twitter suspended his account.)

His name is Vester Flanagan.

Here’s another photo—

He’s a former employee…

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