UPDATE=> 76 Yr-Old Woman Beaten-Robbed in Back of Cathedral – SUSPECT ARRESTED

Caught on Security Camera…

On Sunday two criminals entered St. Cecilia’s Catholic Cathedral in Omaha.
One of the men snatched the purse from a 76 year-old woman.
The other man slugged her in the side of her head.

The attack tool place in the back of a cathedral!
beating cathedral


The poor woman fell to the floor from the punch.
cathedral beating

The entire assault and robbery was caught on tape.

Hat Tip Andrew

Police are searching for these two suspects.
thugs st. cecilia

What a horrible crime.
No place is sacred in America anymore!

The Omaha Herald also reported on the mugging.

The Catholic woman asked for prayers for her attackers this week.
From the St. Cecilia Facebook page:

Friends – I spoke this evening with the woman who was attacked on Sunday. She is doing well and recovering at a friends house. She is grateful for all of your prayers, and her hope is that you will pray for her attackers. What a witness to Christian forgiveness. God bless her!

UPDATE: One suspect was arrested today.

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