BREAKING : Two U.S. Marines Wounded After Stopping Suspected Terror Attack on French Train

Two U.S. Marines were reportedly wounded while tackling a Kalashnikov wielding man of ‘North African origin’ on a train in France late Friday afternoon. The train was bound for Paris from Amsterdam. One other passenger was reported wounded.

AFP reported a spokesman for the French state railroad company SNCF said the injuries were serious.

“Two of the victims were seriously injured and at least one suffered gunshot wounds, an SNCF spokesman said, adding that the assailant was armed with guns and knives.”

…”The incident happened near Arras in northern France shortly after 1600 GMT and the gunman was arrested when the train stopped at the town’s station, an SNCF spokesman told AFP.”

French Terror Attack  Voix Du Nord
Wounded passenger being removed from train. Photo via Voix Du Nord.

Voix Du Nord reports two Marines were wounded

“Les policiers de la brigade anticriminalité (BAC) sont intervenus pour interpeller à la descente du train un homme suspecté d’être l’auteur de coups de feu dans le Thalys. Le train était parti d’Amsterdam à destination de Paris. D’après nos informations recueillies sur place, l’homme d’origine nord-africaine aurait tiré à la kalachnikov avant d’être maîtrisé par des passagers d’origine américaine.”

“The police anti-crime brigade of the (BAC) intervened to call off the train to a man suspected of being the author of gunfire in the Thalys. The train had left Amsterdam to Paris. According to our information gathered on the spot, the man of North African origin have fired Kalashnikovs before being overpowered by passengers of American origin.”

…”D’après nos informations, deux militaires américains auraient entendu dans les toilettes le bruit de la culasse d’une arme lourde en train d’être chargée. Ils seraient intervenus pour maîtriser l’homme avant qu’il ne puisse utiliser l’arme dans la rame. Les deux militaires ont été blessés, l’un d’un coup de feu, l’autre à l’arme blanche, selon le procureur de la République.”

“According to our information, two American soldiers would have heard the noise in the toilet of the breech of a heavy weapon being loaded. They intervened to subdue the man before he could use the weapon in the train. The two soldiers were injured, one of a gunshot, the other with a knife, according to the prosecutor.”

UPDATE: AP reports the suspected gunman has been identified.

The suspect is a 26-year-old Moroccan, said Sliman Hamzi, an official with police union Alliance, said on French television i-Tele.”

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