Breaking: Protesters Loot Stores, Toss Bottles, Chant “Kill the Police” at #Ferguson Anniversary Protest

Protesters chant “F*ck the police!” on West Florissant in Ferguson Sunday night.
Today is the one-year anniversary of robber Michael Brown’s shooting death in Ferguson. Brown robbed a store, beat and cop and went for his gun before he was shot dead in the street. Protesters still want to believe he was a gentle giant.

A large rainstorm went through St. Louis tonight which probably cut down on the numbers tonight.

Just like last year… At least one Ferguson business was looted tonight.


Make that three stores were looted.

It was a beauty supply store.
Very popular with the young looters.

The protesters reportedly chucked bottles at police tonight.

On Saturday night 17 year-old protester Trevion Hopson shot a fellow protester in the shoulder.

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