BREAKING: BOMB FOUND — Las Cruces Mesilla Valley Mall Evacuated – SUSPECT ON VIDEO

Authorities found a twelve inch pipe bomb wrapped in tape – with a note on the Barnes and Noble bookstore in Mesilla Valley Mall in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Description of Suspect: Anglo male, 6 foot 4 inches wearing a jean jacket and jeans and a Santa style wig, a light-blue cap and sunglasses.

More on the suspect from the Las Cruces News:


An Anglo man wearing a disguise is believed to have dropped off the package before leaving the mall, headed north. According to police scanner reports, the suspect is believed to be about 6-feet, 4-inches tall, and was wearing a white wig and beard, similar to a “Santa Claus” beard. The suspect was also wearing sunglasses, apparently to hide his face.

He also wore tennis shoes and a denim button-up shirt. Several witnesses were able to give Las Cruces police a description of the suspect.

On Sunday two bombs exploded minutes apart at two Las Cruces, New Mexico churches.

One bomb was placed at the front door of a church while mass was being conducted for parishioners. The other bomb was in a mailbox and exploded as people were arriving for Sunday services.

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