#BlackLivesMatter Activist Claims Saying ‘All Lives Matter’ is a VIOLENT STATEMENT

The #BlackLivesMatter activists who recently had an awkward meeting with Hillary Clinton were on CNN this week and claimed that saying ‘all lives matter’ is a violent statement.

MRCTV has the report:

CNN host Wolf Blitzer interviewed #BlackLivesMatter founder Daunasia Yancey and activist Julius Jones on Tuesday about the recent backlash the movement has been receiving with the tactics used to protest, that it’s not polite. Blitzer went easy on them – especially when it came to some of the ridiculous comments made taking offense to the concept that “all lives matter.” Jones called that a “violent statement.”

Here’s the video:


How is it violent to say that all lives matter?

Leon H. Wolf of RedState wrote a column for the Washington Post this week in which he said the BLM movement is wasting their time with Democrats:

#BlackLivesMatter is wasting its time with Democrats

#BlackLivesMatter protesters won’t find answers to these systemic causes of hostile police interactions with black citizens by asking Democrats, because Democrats are too invested in a system that drains revenue from individuals any way it can. And their candidates don’t have the incentive to run on a platform of cutting budgets, or eliminating the hidden regressive taxes on alcohol, tobacco and gas that help prop up big-city governments.

Read it all here.

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