Black Woman Beats Neighbor, Holds Race Protest With LOUD SPEAKERS After Neighbors Complain About Barking Dogs

Maritha Hunter-Butler moved into her home with her lesbian partner, three sons and four dogs on Glen Brook Court in St. Charles County in May. The neighborhood is white and the Hunter-Butler family is the only black family on the street.

Since they moved in police have been called to the house 15 times in three months.

Maritha’s four dogs bark all day and all night.
When one neighbor confronted her about the dogs Maritha smacked her in the face.


In 2005 ago Hunter-Butler tried to hire a hitman to off her ex-husband.

black woman hunter butler
Maritha Hunter-Butler (left), 40, pets one of her four dogs in her yard in St. Charles County outside of St. Louis.

black lady st. charles
Maritha Hunter-Butler films the police during one of their visits recently.

Maritha threatened to hold race protests last week She claims her neighbors are racist.

Her son recorded this conversation recently when two neighbors complained to them about their four dogs barking at 1, 2, and 3 in the morning.

Today Maritha, her family, supporters, and radical Islamist Umar Lee, held a protest in her St. Charles County neighborhood.
The family used LOUD SPEAKERS to chant at their neighbors from their deck.

The family threatens to bring more Black Lives Matter protesters to the neighborhood.

Another woman said she left the area because of racism.

More loud speaker action.

The DJ was blaring MLK and Malcolm X on the stereo.

What a nightmare.
The protesters were later seen marching through the neighborhood chanting.

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