Black Teens Beat White Boy at Church Festival in Ohio, Threaten to ‘Shoot up’ Home (Video)

A cellphone video made public shows a group of six Black teenage males attacking a teenage white male at a church festival in Norwood, Ohio.

The attack took place last weekend at Holy Trinity Festival.

The white mother of one of the witnesses to the attack who filmed the video says the same Black teens threatened to shoot her house up earlier that day, reported WKRC-TV.


“Kim Watkins’s son actually shot the video which is difficult for her to watch. Watkins said the same group of kids was hanging out on some steps across the street from her home when they threatened her son earlier in the day.

“I came out and tried to shoo them away. They cursed at me, they called me names they threatened to shoot my house up,” Watkins said.

Watkins told her son to shoot any bad behavior he saw with his cellphone. Police used the video to identify the attackers.

Jordan Sanders WCPO
Screen grab via WCPO-TV.

The video shows a Black teen facing off against a white teen. The Black teen is seen trying to provoke a fight with the white teen, punching him once in the chest. while several other Black teens surround the white teen.

When the white teen refuses to fight, he is jumped from behind by a Black teen. He is then swarmed by several other Black teens who punch and kick him as he falls on the ground.

The white teen does not try to defend himself. He just collapses in a protective crouch on the ground. No one comes to help defend him. The Black teens run off after beating and stomping the white teen for several terrifying seconds. It is only then that someone comes to the boy’s aid.

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

The victim, 13-year-old Jordan Sanders spoke to WXIX-TV about the attack. Sanders said he does not know why he was attacked. He also said he did not fight back because he did not want to get kicked off his football team.

Norwood police have reportedly identified most of the attackers and will be making arrests soon.

The video was posted to the Facebook page of the Norwood police by Watkins, reported WCPO-TV. WCPO made a copy of the video before it was taken down by Facebook. WCPO blurred the images because all involved are reportedly minors.

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