Bill O’Reilly: If Facts Matter, the 2016 Race Should Not Even Be Close… If Facts Matter (VIDEO)

Bill O’Reilly reported last night on the extensive disaster of liberal policy in America. Bill noted how liberal progressive policy has gone off track on the economy, on crime. on foreign policy and on individual behavior.

liberal failure oreilly

Bill argues that if the 2016 election were based on facts, Democrats would get skunked.
Unfortunately the liberals control the media and get away with lie after lie by their political leaders.
So facts do not matter.

“The problem with liberalism”
Via The O’Reilly Factor:


Here’s a partial transcript:

No matter who wins the Democratic presidential nomination, they will toe the liberal line. That’s because the Democratic liberal party has been taken over by the far left. Few moderate Democrats have any currency in the party.

That was demonstrated once again today when only two Democrats voted to defund Planned Parenthood. The measure failed because the Senate could not get 60 voters to move forward. All but one Republican senator voted to defund on principle. That man is Mark Kirk from Illinois.

Now, there is no question Planned Parenthood is an abortion factory and there is no question the group sells the body parts of dead babies or fetuses. Yet the Democratic Party doesn’t care.

So my question tonight is, what happened to liberalism? The liberal philosophy is based upon fairness for the underdog — helping those who are down and out. Protecting the defenseless. Yet, unborn babies don’t count. How does that work when the liberal line urges social justice?

To those of you who deny life begins with human DNA on conception, what qualifies you to say that? It’s a belief, that’s all. And your belief may be wrong. Meantime, millions of potential human beings have been destroyed. And if you voice objection to that, then you are declaring war on women.

Just ask Hillary Clinton.

The decline of liberalism began with a real war, Vietnam. The left voiced major objections and they were right. The war was fought in a dishonest way and hundreds of thousands of American working men and women primarily were killed or wounded.

That radicalized the left and many liberals turned Saul Alinsky mean, damming anyone who did not agree with them.

Today we have the most liberal president in America’s history, Barack Obama, elected twice. But his economic policies have not improved the lives of the poor or African-Americans. Every statistic tells the same story there are fewer good jobs, salaries are stagnant on Obama’s watch. That’s because the feds cannot run a free marketplace.

Even in a country like Cuba population 11 million, the lack of free enterprise dooms people to poverty. Incredibly, even some left-wing commentators are now catching on…

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