Bill Kristol to Megyn Kelly: Stop Being so Thin-Skinned – Trump Should Not Apologize (Video)

Weekly Standard founder and editor William Kristol went on with Steve Malzberg on NewsMax TV on Tuesday.

Kristol weighed in on the Trump-Megyn Kelly controversy.
trump kelly kristol

Steve Malzberg: Why is Donald Trump doing this again?

Bill Kristol: I don’t know, good publicity… Seems like maybe it’s a little excessive. On the other hand, you know, people in the news business should… They say things about other people, they shouldn’t be too thin-skinned. I’m not really disturbed by it. I just think it’s antagonizing to a fair number of Megyn Kelly fans who you’d think Trump might want to have on his side…

Steve Malzberg: Should Trump apologize to Megyn Kelly?

Bill Kristol: Ahh, he should just go on doing his thing.

Via NewsMaxTV:

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