Biggest Debate Loser=> FOX News… Twitter Rips FOX and Megyn Kelly …Update: Liberal Media Praises FOX for Attacks on GOP

The start of the debate was complete chaos.
It was so unorganized and uncomfortable. It was embarrassing.

fox debate staff

Then the FOX hosts ruined it with their gotcha questions and obvious bias.
This was a big fail for FOX News.

Glenn Reynolds agrees:


GOP PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE LOSER? FOX NEWS: I was particularly disappointed with the ridiculous “gotcha!” questions posed by Megyn Kelly and Chris Wallace. Can Fox News please focus on the issues and not try to play favorites?

What a sad display.
Megyn Kelly got pummeled on Twitter:

UPDATE: If there’s any doubt that Megyn Kelly, Bret Baier and FOX News missed the mark – The New York Times praised FOX moderators for relentless attacks on Trump and the GOP candidates.
Shame on you, FOX!

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